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Scholarship Samples
  • SDC Journal: “A Case Study of Directorial Courage: An Iran Director’s Subversive Production of Lorca’s The House of Bernarda AlbaRead Article
  • Philosophizing Brecht: “Consciousness in Brechtian Acting: Defamiliarizing the Self” Read Article
  • New Directions in Teaching Theatre Arts: “The Entrepreneurial Actor: The Study of Theatre Programs in Anglophone Countries Abroad” Read Article
  • Journal of American Drama and Theatre: “Star Struck!: The Phenomenological Affect of Celebrity on Broadway” Read Article
  • Theatre Topics: “Toward Revising Undergraduate Theatre Education” Read Article
  • Voice and Speech Review: “Trust and Communication in the Director/Voice Coach
    Collaboration” Read Article
  • American Theatre: “We’re All In This Together Right?” Read Article
  • Stanislavski Studies: “Examination of the Actor’s Double-Consciousness Through Stanislavski’s Conceptualization of ‘Artistic Truth’” Read Article
  • European Legacy: “The Role of Theatre in Society” Read Article
  • PAJ: “Actor Training in New York City” Read Article
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